Guide to Historic Landmarks

The Gateway Hilltowns have a rich and diverse history spanning hundreds of years—many local families have called this place home for generations. From colonial times when Western Mass felt more like a frontier, to the nation’s founding, to the industrial boom of the 1800s when mining, timber, and mills ruled, to the technological transitions of the 20th century and today, there are amazing landmarks and preserved historic sites across all six towns that harken back to this long history. Visit the various Historical Society websites to learn more:
Blandford Historical Society
Chester Historical Society
Huntington Historical Society
Middlefield Historical Commission
Montgomery Historical Society | Montgomery Town History
Russell Town History

And check out these historic highlights in each town:
Chester Railway Station & Museum | Chester
Huntington Country Store | Huntington
The White Church | Blandford
Noble View Outdoor Center | Russell

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