Can you catch Arctic char in Scotland?

What does Arctic Char fish taste like?

Arctic Char has a rich, flavourful taste and has a pink-flesh colour that is related to trout and salmon with skin that is thin, delicate and edible. Arctic Char tastes like a cross between salmon and trout (closer to trout).

Is Arctic char farmed?

While the farming of Arctic char is still relatively young in Canada, the industry is diverse. Operators produce both eggs and mature fish. Arctic char eggs are exported to a number of countries eager to develop their own char industries, while the meat is sold both domestically and abroad.

Is Arctic char high in mercury?

Fish that are low on the food chain (like Arctic char) tend to have low levels of mercury. Although land locked char tend to have higher levels of mercury than sea- run char, both types are safe to eat.

Can you eat Arctic char Raw?

It looks like salmon only smaller, and tastes like salmon with a texture and flavor that are a tad more delicate. Since it’s raised in land-based, closed-circle farming system, it’s parasite free and can be eaten raw without freezing.

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