Frequent question: What does the Lord Lieutenant of London do?

What is the role of a Lord-Lieutenant?

Duties of a Lord-Lieutenant

The main duties of the Lord-Lieutenant include: arranging visits by members of the Royal family and escorting Royal visitors. ensuring that The Queen’s Private Office is kept informed about local issues relating to their area, particularly when a Royal visit is being planned.

Do Lord-Lieutenants get paid?

The Lord-Lieutenants are not paid. … The Lord-Lieutenant, with the non-disapproval of the Sovereign, appoints Deputy Lieutenants (DLs) to assist her in carrying out her duties for the Crown.

Do you salute a Lord Lieutenant?

Taking the Salute

It is customary for the host to join the Lord-Lieutenant on the dais, although normally one pace behind him. The host should also salute or remove headdress as appropriate.

How do you address a female lord lieutenant?

The correct form of address for the Lord-Lieutenant

In a Speech: In the preamble, the Lord Lieutenant should be referred to as ‘Lord-Lieutenant‘. A speech might begin ‘My Lord-Lieutenant, Ladies and Gentlemen…’

Where does the Lord-Lieutenant?

Helping You. The title Lord-Lieutenant is given to the British Monarch’s personal representatives throughout the United Kingdom, usually in a county or large city (metropolitan area). They have performed various tasks throughout history including raising local militia units and numerous ceremonial duties.

Are Lord Lieutenants knighted?

Sir Laurence Howard and Lady Christine Howard on the day he got his knighthood at Buckingham Palace.

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What is the Lord Lieutenant award?

The Lord-Lieutenants’ and Lieutenant Governor’s awards recognise the outstanding work of the members of our Reserve Forces and Cadet Organisations, and are ideal opportunities for Commanding Officers to seek to laud publicly those individuals especially worthy of recognition.