Frequent question: What kind of poem is London 1802?

What form of poem is London?

The poem “London” by William Blake consists of four stanzas, with each stanza consisting of four lines. The lines are written in iambic tetrameter and rhymed ABAB. This means that we can describe the poem as consisting of four iambic tetrameter open quatrains. The poem is narrated in the first person.

What is the theme of London, 1802?

“London, 1802” Themes

By celebrating Milton and the values of a bygone era, then, the speaker criticizes 19th-century England while upholding that the past can (and should) inform the way people think about the present.

How does Wordsworth describe London in his poem London in 1802?

In the poem “London, 1802,” Wordsworth is scathingly critical of the city of London and of the English in general. He says that the city is “a fen / Of stagnant waters” and that the English have…

What is the speaker’s attitude in London, 1802?

The speaker addresses the soul of the dead poet John Milton, saying that he should be alive at this moment in history, for England needs him. England, the speaker says, is stagnant and selfish, and Milton could raise her up again.

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What are the main themes in the poem London?

The main themes in “London” are the fallen world, political tensions, and social woes. The fallen world: The poem embodies Blake’s Christian belief that humanity has fallen from a state of grace to a life of compromise and sin.

What figure of speech is thy soul was like a star and dwelt apart?

Two similes are used to convey how different Milton was. His soul, we are told, was “like a Star” and therefore it lived apart, distant from the corruption and decay of ordinary man.

What was happening in England in 1802?

Arrest in London of ringleaders of the Despard Plot: a failed conspiracy by revolutionaries led by Colonel Edward Despard, a radical Anglo-Irish former British Army officer and colonial official, apparently intended to assassinate King George III and seize key positions such as the Bank of England and Tower of London …

What is England’s inheritance in London 1802?

According to the speaker, England ought to have inherited “the heroic wealth of hall and bower” and the “ancient English dower / Of inward happiness.” It is a country of mythic heroes, culture, and history.

What is the rhythm of the poem London?

Generally speaking, the rhyme and rhythm is very definite and structured—the rhyme is ABAB CDCD, and this poem is written with a metrical pattern of iambic tetrameter sporadically blended with trochaic tetrameter—which can help to accentuate the line, with 7 syllables and the first word stressed.

What does the personification she is a fen of stagnant waters mean?

To call England a stagnant fen is to say that it has not developed appropriately, that it is not evolving or growing; instead, this country with a history of heroism and legend and honor has grown stale and rotten and corrupt, as water does when it stagnates and stands for a long period of time.

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