How did Queen Elizabeth 1 influence fashion?

Who influenced Elizabethan fashion?

In early England, more specifically the Elizabethan Era, much of their culture was influenced by the Royal Family. Not only did the Royal Family have great impact on the time period, but the laws that enforced how the English were allowed to act and what they were able to wear affected their culture as well.

How did Royalty influence fashion?

In the 20th Century, royal women continued to influence fashion. … She had more freedom to express her own taste, and as a result was considered more of a fashion icon than the monarch.

Why was Elizabeth so successful?

Elizabeth’s greatest achievement lay in the relationship she had forged with her people. She was ahead of her time in her grasp of public relations, and her popularity had remained undimmed. ‘This I account the glory of my crown, that I have reigned with your loves,’ she said in her Golden Speech of 1601.

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