How do you say one in Scottish?

How do you say 1 in Gaelic?


  1. 1 = a haon (ah hain)
  2. 2 = a dó (ah dough)
  3. 3 = a trí (ah tree)
  4. 4 = a ceathair (ah cah-her)
  5. 5 = a cúig (ah coo-ig)
  6. 6 = a sé (ah shay)
  7. 7 = a seacht (ah shocked)
  8. 8 = a hocht (ah huck-t)

How do you say little one in Scottish?

Derived from wee, meaning little, and ane meaning one, wean is a word most commonly used in the West of Scotland to refer to a young child, and is sometimes also spoken as wee yin or ‘little one’. Wee is a word whose current meaning is in little dispute, but whose origins are interesting and complex.

How do you say lover in Scottish?

Scottish Gaelic terms of endearment

  1. mo ghràdh – my love.
  2. mo chridhe – my heart.
  3. mo leannan – my lover, my sweetheart.
  4. m’eudail – my darling, my dear.
  5. a thasgaidh – my darling, my dear.

How do you say eleven in Scottish?

The ordinal numbers in Scots are: First (1st), Second (2nd), Third/Thrid (3rd), Fort (4th), Fift (5th), Saxt (6th), Seevent (7th), Echt (8th), Nint (9th), Tent (10th), Eleevent (11th), Twalt (12th), Therteent (13th), Fourteent (14th), Fifteent (15th), Saxteent (16th), Seeventeen (17th), Echteent (18th), Nineteen (19th) …

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What are the numbers 1 to 10 in Welsh?

Vigesimal SystemEdit

1 Un Unarddeg
7 Saith Dau ar bymtheg
8 Wyth Deunaw
9 Naw Pedwar ar bymtheg
10 Deg Ugain

How do you count to 20 in Scotland?

Scottish Gaelic numbering rules

The tens in decimal Modern Scottish Gaelic are: deich [10], fichead [20], trìthead [30], ceathrad [40], caogad [50], seasgad [60], seachdad [70], ochdad [80], and naochad [90].

How do you say no in Scottish?

You can say “aye” (yes) or “nae” (no).

What are the days of the week in Scottish Gaelic?

Days of the week

Diluan Monday
Diciadain Wednesday
Diardaoin Thursday
Dihaoine Friday
Disathairne (or more rarely Disathurna) Saturday

Why do Scots say wee?

From greetings, to babies, to insults, sometimes the Scots just say it best. Find below a few of my most recent favourite words/phrases. Wee, quite simply, means small. … This is the incredibly cute Scottish way of identifying children and babies.

What does Wain mean in Scotland?

wain ~ a baby; a child. a wain affen fethers itsel a child’s looks often identify the father. bits o wains (affectionate or sympathetic term for) a young family (It’s naw yin bit odds aboot the pair o them, but it’s a peety o the bits o wains).

How do Scottish say goodbye?

In Scottish Gaelic, to say “Goodbye,” you can say “mar sin leat” which should be pronounced as “mar shin lat.” Note that this is an informal way of saying “farewell.”