How long does New Zealand lamb take to get to UK?

How does fresh New Zealand lamb get to the UK?

Currently the UK imports about as much sheep meat as it exports, with sheep meat imports from New Zealand entering the UK via the EU quota system as part of a European wide Free Trade Agreement.

Why is NZ lamb cheaper in UK?

From Far-Flung Pastures to UK Tables

Despite hailing from the other side of the world, New Zealand lamb is popular in the UK. Owing to factors such as higher yields, lower production costs, lower disease rates, and a favourable exchange rate, the imported meat has traditionally been cheaper than homegrown options.

How much New Zealand lamb does the UK import?

The UK currently imports around a third of the sheep meat it consumes, or around 100,000 tonnes annually. Imports have been fairly stable recently. The dominant supplier has always been New Zealand, with a market share of over 70 per cent.

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When did UK stop importing New Zealand lamb?

The UK has been importing New Zealand sheep meat for 130 years, with unrestricted imports until 1973 when the UK joined the European Economic Community (EEC).

Why is lamb expensive in the UK?

Amid fears of a no-deal Brexit last year and high demand, UK sheep producers killed lambs early and adopted a cautious approach to this season, leading to a lamb shortage. Now prices have risen so high that Mr Debman can’t countenance that his customers will stump up.

Do New Zealanders eat a lot of lamb?

According to data agency Statista, New Zealand’s consumption of sheep meat has dropped from 25.5kg per person in 2000 to just under 4kg per person in 2020. Statista researchers forecast consumption will hover around that level well into this decade.

Why is there a shortage of New Zealand lamb?

A domestic and global shortage of lamb is impacting on the NZ suppliers, with contracted prices rising sharper and earlier than usual. … A global shortage of lamb is being driven in part by the reopening of foodservice outlets.

Does the UK import New Zealand lamb?

In 2020, total sheep meat exported from New Zealand to the UK amounted to 39,900 tonnes. Despite imports being up marginally by 4% on the previous year, it is worth noting that in 2019, import volumes were especially low.

Is New Zealand lamb better than British?

A survey by scientists at the University of Lincoln in New Zealand, concluded that lamb imported from New Zealand is four times as energy efficient as lamb reared in the UK, even when carbon emissions from the transport process are taken into account.

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Is all New Zealand lamb halal?

A spokeswoman for Marks and Spencer confirmed all its New Zealand lamb is halal. It said the meat is not labelled as halal, but added that “very strict, animal welfare policies” are applied to all its products.

Why does most lamb come from New Zealand?

New Zealand has long produced lamb for its wool industry. This breed is of small stature and many believe is of the least quality compared to American and Australian lamb. Consequently it is also the least expensive lamb. Many customers use this product because of its attractive cost and consistent sizing.

Why is New Zealand lamb so cheap?

Despite coming from the other side of the world, New Zealand lamb has traditionally been cheaper than the British variety thanks to low costs, high yield, lower rates of disease and a favourable exchange rate.

Why is NZ meat so good?

New Zealand beef is grass-fed, highly nutritious (packed full of Vitamin B, Omega 3 and Zinc), and full of flavour. Backed by our Quality Mark guarantee, the beef you buy meets the highest international quality standards. It is versatile, free range, and free of artificial additives and growth hormones.

Does the UK export lamb?

The UK is the world’s fifth largest producer and the third largest exporter of sheep meat. With 300,000 tonnes of lamb and mutton produced annually, we export 88,000 tonnes of sheep meat, valued at £373.8m.