How many Top 40 hits Has Madonna had in the UK?

Who has had the most UK Top 40 hits?

Here’s who’s made it into the annals of pop history thanks to their knack of racking up Number 1s.

  • Elvis Presley (21)* …
  • The Beatles (17) …
  • Cliff Richard, Westlife (14) …
  • Madonna (13) …
  • Take That (12) …
  • Ed Sheeran Calvin Harris, Eminem (10) …
  • ABBA, Rihanna, Spice Girls (9) …
  • 8 Number 1s:

How many top hits does Madonna have?

Madonna has 12 No. 1 hits. The Queen of Pop has been giving us No. 1 hits for decades, and it all began with 1984’s “Like a Virgin” when she was 26.

What is the longest song to hit number 1?

Also, as noted above, Don McLean’s “American Pie (Parts I & II)” is the longest Hot 100 No. 1 by length, at 8:37. While it just misses the second list above, Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs’ “Stay” is the shortest No. 1: just 1:38 in length.

Who has the most Top 10 hits in the 90s UK?

Most top-ten singles

Number of entries Artist Year first entered chart
26 Westlife 1999 2003
25 David Bowie 1969
Mariah Carey 1990

What is Madonna worth?

With a revenue of U.S. $1.5 billion from her concert tickets, she remains the highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time. Madonna was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008, her first year of eligibility.

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