Quick Answer: What is the imagery of the poem London?

What are the strong images in the poem London by William Blake?

In each of the three images, a sound is translated into a visual image. A chimney-sweeper’s cry becomes a soot-blackened church wall. A soldier’s sign becomes blood running down the stone walls of a palace. A child-prostitute’s curse becomes a disease-riddled infant and a germ-infested wedding carriage.

What techniques are used in London poem?

The structure used in the poem “London” is four quatrains with an ABAB rhyme scheme written in iambic tetrameter. The poetic devices used include alliteration, anaphora, repetition, and paradox. These devices create a somber tone.

How does William Blake use imagery?

Blake uses imagery to question what kind of being could create anything as fierce as a tiger. “What immortal hand or eye, / Could frame thy fearful symmetry? … On what wings dare he aspire?” Blake creates an image of an otherworldly, supernatural being.

What is the main theme of the poem London?

The overall theme of “London” is that the city is a dark and miserable place. Words like “hapless,” “weakness,” “woe” and “manacles” contribute to that sense of gloom. Even descriptions like “Every blackning Church” and “thro’ midnight streets” quite clearly depict a darkness.

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What is the purpose of the author in writing the poem London?

While often thought of as children’s poems, their larger purpose is to articulate Blake’s vision of reality, in which nature is both good and evil, a source of pleasure and pain. Blake wrote “London” as a way of exploring this darker side of reality and expressing the depravity he saw in English society at the time.

Why is London an emotional poem?

The poem mourns the appalling conditions that London’s citizens endure—the “marks of weakness, marks of woe” on every face. … Because of its focus on the common man and children, individual human rights, and emotions, “London” is easily recognized as a Romantic poem.

What is the rhyme scheme of the poem London?

What is the London Poem Structure? London is divided into four stanzas (known as quatrains) with an ABAB rhyming scheme. This gives it a very simple rhythm, which reflects its place as a song in Blake’s collection.

What does Chartered mean in London?

In his London, the streets are “charter’d”, as is the Thames itself. Chartered, meaning chopped, charted and mapped. … Or bodies corporate (such as City livery companies), their rights enshrined by charter. Chartered – meaning ownership, entitlement. Privilege.