Quick Answer: What percentage of houses in the UK are empty?

How many houses in the UK are empty?

The North West of England has the highest number of long-term empty homes across England with approximately 39.8 thousand as of 2018.

Number of long term empty homes in England in 2018, by region*

Characteristic Number of long term empty homes
South East 27,743
London 22,481
West Midlands 22,381
East of England 19,950

What percentage of London property is empty?

Some 42.4 properties per 1,000 sit unused in the City of London, leaving it top of the charts and the only London authority to feature in the nationwide top 10. Data compiled by insurer… The Square Mile has the highest percentage of empty homes in the entire country, fresh data states.

How many empty houses are in the UK in 2018?

It brings the total to 216,000 long-term empty homes in England – which is more than 72 per cent of the government’s annual new homes target. There are currently more than a million families stuck on local authority waiting lists for social housing.

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How long can a house stand empty?

A property will have to stand empty for at least two years and owners will have to be given at least three months’ notice before the order can be issued.

How many houses are there in the UK in 2020?

In 2020, the capital city of England, London had a population of approximately nine million residents. To house these people, the sprawling city has a stock of approximately 3.6 million dwellings.

Number of dwellings in England (UK) in 2020, by county (in 1,000s)

Characteristic Number of dwellings in thousands

How many houses are there in the UK in 2021?

Recent Trends – Number of Households. The number of households in the United Kingdom forecast to increase at a compound annual rate of 0.7% over the five-year period through 2021, to total just shy of 28.1 million households.

What is the average UK house price?

there has been an annual price rise of 10.0% which makes the average property in the UK valued at £254,624.

Price change by region for England.

Region North East
Average price May 2021 £143,129
Annual change % since May 2020 11.8
Monthly change % since April 2021 1.4

How many abandoned houses are in London?

This statistic shows the number of long term empty homes in London, England in 2018 by area. As of 2018, Southwark had the highest number of long term empty homes in London with approximately 1.8 thousand. Overall the number of empty homes in London by area in 2018 was over 22.48 thousand.

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How many houses are unoccupied in London?

In London over 30,000 homes lie long-term empty (30,616 in total).

Why are there so many empty homes in the UK?

“During a national housing crisis we cannot afford to see over 268,000 homes stand empty across the country because of the lack of a government strategy to support councils to bring them back into use. It will be impossible to ‘build back better’ if we keep letting our housing crisis get worse.