Quick Answer: What’s the rarest coin in UK?

What British coins are rare?

Most valuable and rare UK coins to look for

  • 1973 EEC 50 Pence Coin – valued at £3,000.
  • 2012 London Olympics Aquatics Fifty Pence – valued at £1,500.
  • 1983 Two Pence “New Pence” Coin – valued at £500.
  • 2015 Silver Two Pence Coin – valued at £485.
  • 2009 Kew Gardens Fifty Pence Coin – valued at £170.

What is the most expensive coin in the UK?

The Who 2021 UK Gold Proof Kilo Coin

At a whopping £72,295 this gold proof-coin is the most expensive collectable on the Royal Mint website.

What are the best UK coins to collect?

Here are some of Matt’s favourites:

  • 1917 George V Sovereign. Circulating gold coinage was a casualty of the First World War. …
  • 1933 Penny. The 1933 penny is one of the most famous coins from the UK. …
  • 1996 Football European Championships Gold Proof £2 Coin.

How much is a Peter Rabbit 50p worth?

Peter Rabbit 50p Coin…

Celebrating Beatrix Potter’s first Children’s Book there were 9.7 Million Peter Rabbit 50p Coins minted in 2016. If you own the Peter Rabbit 50p coin it’s currently worth £3.50.

Do old UK pennies have any value?

Even so, one of the most valuable coins ever sold is a 1p – the 1933 ‘old penny’, which in 2016 sold for £72,000 at auction.

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What is the rarest 50p coin in the UK?

A 2009 Kew Gardens 50p remains the most coveted coin in circulation, with a mintage of just 210,000. It makes for a popular find with collectors, with some Kew Gardens 50p coins listed on auction sites such as eBay for between £80 and £160.