What are the 5 cities in Scotland?

What are the 5 main cities in Scotland?

Scotland is known for its lush, mountainous landscapes and modern cities. The population of Scotland is approximately 5.29 million people, which is 8.3% of the total population of the United Kingdom.

The Largest Cities in Scotland.

Rank City Population
2 Edinburgh 459,366
3 Aberdeen 195,021
4 Dundee 147,285
5 Paisley 76,834

Which is bigger Perth or Inverness?

Inverness Population: c. 61,000 – so, of the seven places with designated city status in Scotland, it’s bigger than Perth and Stirling.

What is the richest city in Scotland?

This statistic shows the highest valued towns in Scotland as of June 2021 by average property value in British pounds. The town of North Berwick, East Lothian had the highest average property value of any town in Scotland with an average house price of over 430,000 British pounds.

What is the biggest village in Scotland?


Rank Locality Population
1 Glasgow 612,040
2 Edinburgh 488,050
3 Aberdeen 200,680
4 Dundee 148,280

What is the main city in Scotland?

Is Scotland a city or country?


Scotland Scotland (Scots) Alba (Scottish Gaelic)
Location of Scotland (dark green) – in Europe (green & dark grey) – in the United Kingdom (green)
Status Country
Capital Edinburgh 55°57′11″N 3°11′20″W
Largest city Glasgow
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