What is the least used train station in London?

What is the least used train station UK?

✝ The least used station in 2019-20 was Berney Arms in Norfolk with 42 entries and exits.

The least busiest UK Stations.

Rank All UK Stations Entries and Exits
1 Berney Arms, Norfolk ✝ 42
2 Elton & Orston, Nottinghamshire 68
3 Stanlow & Thornton, Cheshire 82
4 Havenhouse, Lincolnshire 84

What is the most used tube station in London?

In 2019, King’s Cross St. Pancras was the busiest station on the network, used by over 88.27 million passengers, while Kensington (Olympia) was the least used, with 109,430 passengers. This table lists the stations with 31 million users or more entering or exiting in 2018.

Which Tube stations are closest together?

A: On the Piccadilly Line, Leicester Square and Covent Garden are the two closest stations together on the network with an average journey time of just 37 seconds.

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