What is the smallest city in New England?

What is the smallest town in New England?

Smallest by population: Town of Gosnold, 75 / City of NORTH ADAMS, 13,708. Smallest by square miles: Town of Nahant, 1.24 / City of CHELSEA, 1.86. Largest by population: Town of Brookline, 58,732 / City of BOSTON, 617,594. Largest by square miles: Town of Plymouth, 97.57 / City of TAUNTON, 47.29.

What is the smallest city in Massachusetts?

By area, population and population density, it is the smallest town in the county; and is the second-smallest town by population in the Commonwealth, with only Gosnold having fewer residents. Monroe is part of the Springfield, Massachusetts Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Monroe, Massachusetts
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What are the top 10 smallest towns in Massachusetts?

These are the 50 tiniest towns in Massachusetts

  • 8: Rowe, Franklin County.
  • 7: Hawley, Franklin County.
  • 6: Aquinnah, Dukes County.
  • 5: Tyringham, Berkshire County.
  • 4: New Ashford, Berkshire County.
  • 3: Mount Washington, Berkshire County.
  • 2: Monroe, Franklin County.
  • 1: Gosnold, Dukes County.

What is the third largest city in New England?


Rank Name Population (2020)
1. Boston 675,647
2. Worcester 206,518
3. Providence 190,934
4. Springfield 155,929
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