What river flows through London Ontario?

Can you swim in the Thames River London Ontario?

He says, “Swimming in the Thames is dangerous on so many levels. It’s not just the sewage people should be aware of, but the tides, currents and water traffic too. The RNLI’s two busiest lifeboat stations aren’t on the coast – they’re on the Thames, rescuing people from the water in central London.

Where is the source of the Thames River in Ontario?

Which is the cleanest river in the world?

What are the Cleanest Rivers in the World?

  • River Thames – London, UK.
  • Tara River – Bonsia-Herzegovina – Europe.
  • St. Croix River – Minnesota – North America.

Is the Thames River Clean?

The River Thames can look a grim green to a murky brown, but despite this, it is considered one of the cleanest rivers in the world.

How many bodies are in the Thames?

A drop of rain that joins the Thames at its source in the Cotswolds will go through the bodies of 8 people before it reaches the sea. In fact two thirds of London’s drinking water actually comes from the Thames.

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