What UTM zone is London?

Which UTM zone is the UK in?

There isn’t a single UTM zone that neatly spans the UK from Belleek (8° 5′ W, Zone 29) to Lowestoft (1° 45′ E, Zone 31). Using unprojected WGS 84 kinda smears the islands out a bit. Your choice very much depends on your scale, your audience and whether distance or area need to be kept accurate.

How do I find my UTM zone?

Take your longitude coordinate in decimal degrees and add 180.

So for example, the UTM zone number for 39° W would be found through these steps:

  1. -39 + 180 = 141.
  2. 141 / 6 = 23.5.
  3. 5 rounds up to 24.

What UTM zone is Ontario?

The Earth is divided into 60 UTM zones running west to east from the Central Median in 6 degree longitudinal strips extending from 80 degrees South latitude to 84 degrees North latitude. In Ontario the 4 zones are 15, 16, 17 and 18. The UTM NAD83 X-coordinate or Easting in the lower left corner of a full grid square.

What zone is UTM?

The UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinate system divides the world into sixty north-south zones, each 6 degrees of longitude wide. UTM zones are numbered consecutively beginning with Zone 1, which includes the westernmost point of Alaska, and progress eastward to Zone 19, which includes Maine.

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What is the difference between WGS84 and UTM?

The difference is that WGS 84 is a geographic coordinate system, and UTM is a projected coordinate system. Geographic coordinate systems are based on a spheroid and utilize angular units (degrees).

What UTM Zone is Australia?

Within continental Australia, there are 8 UTM Zones, numbered 49-56 going from west to east (see Figure 1). As shown in Figure 2, there are two zones in the Northern Territory zones 52 and 53, with Darwin falling in zone 52, and the Alligator Rivers Region primarily within zone 53.

Where is UTM zone 10N?

For accuracies better than 1m replaced by NAD83(CSRS) / UTM zone 10N in Canada and NAD83(HARN) / UTM zone 10N in US. Area of use: North America – between 126°W and 120°W – onshore and offshore. Canada – British Columbia; Northwest Territories; Yukon. United States (USA) – California; Oregon; Washington.

What is Toronto UTM zone?

Toronto, Ontario UTM Zone 17.