Which NFL team does not play in London?

Why are the Packers not in London?

The Packers are the only NFL team to not have played a regular-season international game because Green Bay always refused to give up a home game to do so. That is because of the disproportionate economic impact giving up a home game would have on Green Bay, by far the smallest market in the NFL.

Will there ever be an NFL team in London?

The NFL is aiming to establish a London franchise by around 2025, and has the active support of the British government.

What NFL teams are playing in London in 2021?

NFL returning to London with two games in 2021: Jets-Falcons, Dolphins-Jaguars.

Will the Packers play in London?

According to Kaplan, London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is set to host two games, with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons both playing at “home” across the pond. Unless the league decides to add more international games to the schedule, the Packers will not be making the trip to north London in 2021.

Will the Jaguars play in London 2021?

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be headed back to London for a “home game” for the 2021 NFL Season, The Athletic is reporting. The Atlanta Falcons are also set to play a “home game” in London. Both games will be played at Tottenham Football Club’s home stadium, The Athletic said.

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How often does NFL play in London?

The National Football League today announced that it will return to playing International Series Games in 2021, with two games to be held at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Will the NFL return to London in 2021?

After the unprecedented events of the last 18 months, we can’t wait to welcome fans back to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for live NFL action on 10th and 17th October.

Will the Jaguars move to London?

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ contract with the National Football League (NFL) to play one home game a season in London has expired, and the franchise is undecided on whether they will continue to play in the English capital. The Jaguars have played a game in London every season since 2013.

Will Toronto get an NFL team?

There have long been efforts to establish an NFL franchise in Toronto due to its market size. Toronto is the third largest city in the United States or Canada, and the largest which is not home to an NFL team.

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Will Europe get an NFL team?

The NFL also has intentions of expanding to continental Europe. The league is high on a game taking place in Germany as early as 2022, Peter King of NBC Sports notes. NFL reps have begun considering locations for the Germany game, according to NFL.com’s Tom Pelissero.