Who is CEO of Transport for London?

Who is responsible for Transport for London?

Transport for London (TfL) was established in 2000 as the integrated body responsible for London’s transport system. TfL’s role is to implement the Mayor’s transport strategy and manage transport services across the capital, for which the Mayor has responsibility.

Who is the director of TfL?

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that Andy Lord will join TfL from 4 November 2019 at its new Managing Director of London Underground and TfL Engineering.

Does Transport for London make a profit?

Transport for London passenger income 2015-2021

Overall, TfL generated revenue worth 1.6 billion British pounds from all the services in the financial year 2020/21. Around 296 million passenger journeys were made on the London Underground in 2020/21. The majority of which were carried out by ordinary ticket holders.

What is the shortest Tube line in London?

Coloured turquoise on the Tube map, it is by far the shortest line on the Underground network, being 2.37 km (1.47 miles) long, with an end-to-end journey lasting just four minutes.

Waterloo & City line.

Waterloo & City
System London Underground
Depot(s) Waterloo
Rolling stock 1992 Stock
Ridership 15.892 million (2011/12) passenger journeys

Is TfL a government Organisation?

We are the local government organisation responsible for most aspects of London’s transport system. These pages detail how we are run, funded and governed, who we work with and our future plans.

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What is a TfL officer?

In response to Question 2020/2527, you mentioned the role of “TfL enforcement officers”, who are working together to educate passengers and enforce the requirement if necessary.