Who took control of England after the Civil War?

How was England ruled after the Civil War?

After Charles’ execution England became a republic called the Commonwealth (1649-60). At first Parliament ruled the country, but in 1653 Oliver Cromwell dismissed Parliament and ruled as Protector .

What was the outcome of the English Civil War?

The outcome was threefold: the trial and the execution of Charles I (1649); the exile of his son, Charles II (1651); and the replacement of English monarchy with the Commonwealth of England, which from 1653 (as the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland) unified the British Isles under the personal rule of …

What was the result of the English Civil War quizlet?

What was a major result of the English Civil War? Absolute monarchy to NO monarchy. Oliver Cromwell is the new head, made Lord Protector.

Who benefited from the English Civil War?

The parliamentarians stood for the benefits of the new bourgeoisies, new nobles, yeomen, and most of the commons. [2] The royalists stood for the benefits of the king, the old nobles, the priests and the bureaucrats and the magnates. With the development of the economy, the conflicts between them became more serious.

What were the causes and results of the English Civil War?

English Civil Wars, (1642–51)Armed conflict in the British Isles between Parliamentarians and supporters of the monarchy (Royalists). Tension between Charles I and the House of Commons had been building for some time, and after his unsuccessful attempt to arrest five members of Parliament, both sides prepared for war.

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Who is the current king of England?