Why are European roads better than UK?

Why are European roads better?

European highways actually carry more traffic and considerably heavier truck weights than U.S. roads, yet they are smoother and far sturdier. European highways are designed by their builders to last 40 years; the projected life of American roads is half as long.

Why are roads so bad in UK?

The recent cold weather has been blamed for the state of the roads. Potholes are usually caused by water seeping into cracks in the road surface and then freezing. The ice expands, breaking open the tarmac. Despite councils filling in almost two million potholes a year, it seems they just can’t keep up.

Why are German roads so good?

German drivers are especially good because of a strict licensing test system. … And better drivers means fewer accidents, fewer accidents means fewer deaths: Germany has far fewer motor vehicle-related fatalities (per 100,000 people) than the US.

Is the autobahn safer than normal roads?

Is the Autobahn safest? Research by the Federal Highway Research Institute states that the Autobahn experiences fewer vehicle-related fatalities than the U.S. This means this German highway experiences fewer deaths per billion miles traveled than American highways.

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Are German roads safer?

According to the 2018 edition of the European Road Safety Observatory’s Traffic Safety Basic Facts report, an above-average number of accidents end in fatalities on a 1000-kilometer stretch of highway in Germany compared to other EU countries.

Are roads good in UK?

There’s no better time to enjoy the UK’s great roads than in the spring. … We are blessed with some of the best driving roads, so whether you want to amble through lush countryside enjoying panoramic views or tackle challenging routes with hairpin bends and multiple elevations, there’s something for everyone.

Which country has the best motorways?

Transport > Road > Motorway length: Countries Compared

1 China 97,355 km
2 United States 75,008 km
3 Canada 16,900 km
4 Spain 16,214 km

How deep is the concrete on the Autobahn?

Freeze resistant concrete or bituminous surface. Roadbed and surface measuring about 68 cm (27 inches) in thickness.

Why does the US use concrete roads?

While many roads and highways use asphalt, approximately 60 percent of the interstate system is concrete, particularly in urban areas. The reason: Concrete is more durable. … Concrete supports heavy loads. Concrete experiences less deformation than asphalt in spite of heavy loads.

Which country has bad roads?

South Africa has been ranked as the world’s most dangerous country to drive in while India came in at fourth place, according to a research study undertaken by international driver education company Zutobi. Among the list of 56 countries in the study, Thailand came in second position and the US took up third spot.

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