Why are there elephant statues in London?

Why are there elephants in London parks?

Today sees their majestic arrival into the leafy surroundings of the parks which serve as a reminder of their natural habitat in India. There will be a total of eight herds distributed between Green Park, St James’s Park and Berkeley Square each carrying a unique story of human-wildlife coexistence.

Are the elephant sculptures still in London?

A herd of 100 beautifully sculpted life-sized lantana elephants is on display in London’s Green Park, St. James’s Park & Berkeley Square until Friday 23 July, before being sold for charity.

How long are elephants in Green Park for?

Follow the elephants around London, all the way from Green Park to St James’s Park from 22 June – 12 July. Then catch the elephants altogether in Green Park for a last few days, from 16 July – 23 July.

Where are the elephants in Chelsea?

Fifty of the spectacular elephants will ‘roam’ the streets of Chelsea, taking up residence on the King’s Road (Royal Avenue junction), Duke of York Square, Pavilion Road and Sloane Street (Cadogan Place North Garden).

Why are there elephants in Chelsea?

The elephants are displayed in groups as they would naturally congregate in the wild. The herd started life in the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India, where they were created by the tribal communities who live alongside their real-life counterparts in complete harmony.

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Where can I see elephants in London?

The organization’s most recent effort brings the gargantuan animals to urban spaces throughout London that are typically closed off to wildlife. The herds can be spotted in St. James’s Park, Berkeley Square, and even the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s homes at Highgrove.