You asked: Is there a tunnel from JFK to London?

Is there a tunnel from NY to London?

A 1960s proposal has a 3,100 miles (5,000 km)-long near-vacuum tube with vactrains, a theoretical type of maglev train, which could travel at speeds up to 5,000 miles per hour (8,000 km/h). At this speed, the travel-time between New York City and London would be less than one hour.

Where is the transatlantic tunnel?

Atlantic Ocean Tunnel

Location Nordmøre, Norway
Coordinates 63°07′32″N 07°43′26″E
Route Rv64
Start Averøya island

Does the path go underwater?

PATH trains run around the clock year round; four routes serving 13 stations operate during the daytime on weekdays, while two routes operate during weekends, late nights, and holidays. Its tracks cross the Hudson River through century-old cast iron tubes that rest on the river bottom under a thin layer of silt.

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