You asked: Is Wales more deprived than England?

Is Wales the poorest country in the UK?

The percentage of all individuals, living in relative income poverty in Wales in 2016–17 was 23%, compared to 22% in England, and only 19% in Scotland and Northern Ireland. More than one in five people in Wales were living in poverty between 2001 and 2016.

Economy of Wales.

Exports £13.4 billion (2020) (2019: £17.7 billion)

Which is the most deprived town in England and Wales?

Birmingham – England’s largest Local Authority – contains more deprived LSOAs than any other by some margin and other core cities: Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds follow. The London Boroughs of Newham, Hackney and Tower Hamlets each contain over 90 deprived LSOAs each.

Who are the most deprived people in the UK?

Summary of People living in deprived neighbourhoods Overall most deprived 10% of neighbourhoods, by ethnicity Summary

  • Asian people as a whole (15.7%) were the most likely out of all ethnic groups to live in them, followed by Black people (15.2%)
  • White people were the least likely to live in them (9.0%)

Is Wales a good place to live?

With a strong sense of culture and identity, Wales is a country where locals love to stay and newcomers increasingly come looking for a better work-life balance. The beauty of the landscape is a big draw, particularly Pembrokeshire, Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons.

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Which is the richest country in UK?


Rank Name GVA per capita 2019
1 England ∟ London ∟ South East ∟ East of England ∟ South West ∟ North West ∟ West Midlands ∟ East Midlands ∟ Yorkshire and the Humber ∟ North East £33,809 £56,199 £35,631 £30,622 £29,147 £28,993 £27,574 £26,852 £26,667 £24,068
2 Scotland £30,560
3 Northern Ireland £25,656
4 Wales £24,586

What is the poorest part of Wales?

Rhyl West 2, Denbighshire was the most deprived small area in Wales (it was ranked 2 in WIMD 2014). Seven of the ten most deprived areas in WIMD 2014 remained in the most deprived ten areas in WIMD 2019.

What is the poorest county in Wales?

The western part of Rhyl is home to the most deprived communities in Wales, according to new official statistics. Two wards in the Denbighshire town are the most deprived, based on eight factors including income, health, education and access to green space. The least deprived area is in Mold.

What ethnicity is the poorest UK?

It finds: The income poverty rate varies substantially between ethnic groups: Bangladeshis (65%), Pakistanis (55%) and black Africans (45%) have the highest rates; black Caribbeans (30%), Indians (25%), white Other (25%) and white British (20%) have the lowest rates.

Why is Cornwall so poor?

The economy of Cornwall in South West England, is largely dependent upon agriculture followed by tourism. Cornwall is one of the poorest areas in the United Kingdom with a GVA of 70.9% of the national average in 2015. … The agricultural/food industry in Cornwall employs 9,500 people, (4.9% of all Cornish employees.)

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