Your question: What birds of prey live in Ireland?

Where are the birds of prey in Ireland?

At the National Bird of Prey Centre you will get a chance to meet Birds of Prey from around the world as well as our own Native Golden Eagle, White tailed Sea Eagle and Red Kite. Upon entering the centre you will receive a guided tour and talk by a member of staff.

What hawks live in Ireland?

Birds of prey

  • Osprey.
  • Marsh harrier.
  • Hen harrier.
  • Sparrowhawk.
  • Kestrel.
  • Hobby.
  • Peregrine falcon.
  • Merlin.

What do hawks eat Ireland?

Diet of Hawks, i.e., Birds of Prey

They can dive at a speed of 120 mph and catch a prey with their sharp talons. They will eat small mammals like moles, squirrels, mice and shrews. They can also eat raccoon sized animals and pets. They also eat rabbits, grasshoppers, small birds, ducks, bats and fish.

Is it illegal to photograph nesting birds Ireland?

It is a criminal offence to disturb any nesting wild bird in Ireland. The National Parks and Wildlife Service requires anyone seeking to take photos or videos at or near nests to obtain a licence from them beforehand. Such licences come with strict conditions and are only granted in specific circumstances.

Can you own an owl in Ireland?

Barn owls, one of Ireland’s most endangered bird species, are now being sold on classified advertising sites such as DoneDeal due to a loophole in the law. … “Owls should not be kept as pets,” he said. “These birds require really specialist care and feeding.

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