Your question: When did Ireland last win the Rugby World Cup?

Has Ireland ever won the World Cup rugby?

They have finished top of their pool twice. Ireland has never played either South Africa or England in a World Cup match. Ireland has competed at every Rugby World Cup since the tournament was first held in Australia and New Zealand in 1987.

1991 Rugby World Cup.

Team v t e Ireland
P 3
W 2
L 1

When did we last win the Rugby World Cup?


Year Host(s) Winner
2007 France South Africa
2011 New Zealand New Zealand
2015 England New Zealand
2019 Japan South Africa

Why is rugby All Ireland?

So, basically, the IRFU predates the split of the Republic and the North, and was created when Ireland was a single country. Instead of dissolving the IRFU and creating two new rugby unions, they just kept it the way it was.

Where is the Rugby World Cup 2023?

How many times have the Springboks won the World Cup?

The Springboks are tied with the New Zealand All Blacks for tournament wins at the Rugby World Cup – both teams having won 3 times – although they have participated in less tournaments. In addition to this, they are the only rugby team to have won every World Cup final they have played in.

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Where is the World Cup 2024?

This tournament will be the first to include 48 teams, expanded from 32. The United 2026 bid beat a rival bid by Morocco during a final vote at the 68th FIFA Congress in Moscow.

2026 FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup United 2026 Copa Mundial de la FIFA Unidos 2026 Coupe du monde de la FIFA Unis 2026
Host countries Canada Mexico United States

Who won the World Cup football?