Your question: Why is London one of the most important cities in the world?

Why did London become such an important city?

Londinium was established as a civilian town by the Romans about four years after the invasion of AD 43. London, like Rome, was founded on the point of the river where it was narrow enough to bridge and the strategic location of the city provided easy access to much of Europe.

What is the No 1 city in the world?

In short, the cities which were not only thinking about the now but also the future. Cities that were trying to make life better for the present and next generation. This year, San Francisco in the US has been ranked number one among the best cities in the world, according to Time Out.

Which is best city to live in world?

Global Finance’s World’s Best Cities to Live

The World’s Best Cities to Live In 2020
City Country/Region
1 Tokyo Japan
2 London United Kingdom
3 Singapore Singapore
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