The first settlers arrived in what is now Blandford in 1735. They were Scots-Irish coming from Hopkinton, Massachusetts (30 miles from Boston). They came seeking a place to practice their Presbyterian faith freely. In keeping with their Scottish heritage, they chose Glasgow as the name for the new settlement.

The tract of land that was to be Glasgow was supposed to be a six mile square tract of land. Ultimately, it was a seven mile square tract, surveyed into a traditional New England village pattern, with uniform rectangular housing lots clustered in the center with larger agricultural lots surrounding them.

The Springfield Ski Club has been offering New England Style Skiing and Riding at their Blandford Ski Area to members and guest for over three-quarters of a century! Their up-to-date snow making and grooming equipment along, with their three double chair lifts, surface lift and magic carpet, make for a great day for beginners to experienced riders and skiers alike.

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