Best answer: What type of people go to the British Museum?

Why do people go to British museum?

Our personal reasons to visit the British Museum

Each year the BM is visited by more than 5 million visitors. Other of the main reasons to visit it is the fact that you can do it for free. A free entrance in the expensive London is more than a reason to get inside and discover some of the best art pieces.

Are London attractions open coronavirus?

London’s attractions, pubs, restaurants, shops, theatres, hotels and nightclubs are open following the easing of coronavirus restrictions, although some venues may still remain closed.

How much is the ticket for British Museum?

Visiting British Museum

Recommended visiting time is at least three to four hours, but if you’re interested in joining some of the many different talks and tours at the museum, then be prepared to spend the entire day wandering around.

Do you have to pay for British Museum?

Entrance to the museum is free, but entry to the museum’s galleries and exhibitions currently requires a pre-booked timed ticket. A donation of £5 is recommended. There are admission fees for special exhibitions and some events – book online now to avoid missing out.

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