Can I drive a Northern Ireland registered car in Ireland?

Can you drive a UK registered car in Ireland?

Yes, you can legally drive in the Irish Republic with your UK-issued driving licence without the need to apply for an International Driving Permit, regardless of the length of your stay.

How long can I drive a foreign registered car in Ireland?

The vehicle may not in any circumstances be driven by a State resident. The vehicle may not be disposed of or hired out in the State or lent to a State resident. The period of time that the vehicle is in the State does not exceed 12 months.

Do I need to register UK car in Ireland?

You have to register the vehicle in Ireland and you may have to pay additional charges and taxes. If you live in Ireland and decide to buy a car from another country, you should check all the extra costs that are involved in registering and taxing the vehicle in Ireland.

Are cars from Northern Ireland imports?

However, as Northern Ireland is still treated as being within the EU Customs Territory, under the Northern Ireland Protocol, cars imported to the Republic from the North do not have to pay additionalVAT. … In addition to completing a customs declaration you will have to pay customs duty (if applicable), VRT and VAT”.

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Is it worth importing a car from UK to Ireland?

Is it worth importing a car from the UK? Importing cars from the UK to Ireland can be valuable, even lucrative, provided you understand all the costs up front. Prior to Brexit you just needed to account for VRT. Now you also need to account from Customs Duty and VAT .

How much is VRT on a car from UK to Ireland?

The VRT is generally 13.3% of the OMSP and the minimum due is €125. However, some N1 vans are charged a charge of €200 if they: always had less than four seats.

Do I need a green card to drive from Northern Ireland to southern Ireland?

Motor insurance requirements

From Monday 2 August 2021, NI drivers (private and commercial) will no longer need to carry a physical Green Card when travelling across the border into the Republic of Ireland or driving in the rest of the EU and EEA, to prove they have valid insurance cover for their vehicle.

Is VRT illegal in Ireland?

Critics of VRT claim that it is effectively a continuation of the excise duty (which was applicable to vehicles in Ireland prior to 1992) and as such is illegal under European union law.

How much is customs duty from UK to Ireland?

Duty of 16.9% is added and then Irish VAT of 23% on top – bringing the final price to £325.50 .

Is there import tax from Northern Ireland to Ireland?

The terms of the revised NI Protocol mean an all-Ireland economy is preserved with no Tariffs, customs controls or border checks applied to the trade in goods between Ireland and Northern Ireland allowing for frictionless trade North/South.

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