How many games has rashford played for England?

Has Marcus Rashford played for England?

Rashford, who started 11 of an available 15 games for England since playing a back-up role at the 2018 World Cup, has reverted to a watching role for the Three Lions at the Euros.

Why is rashford not playing for England?

Rashford went on to admit he hasn’t been at his best for England so far this tournament but stopped short of blaming his injury problems for his current form. “Obviously I am not performing at my best and what I know I can perform to,” Rashford said.

What number is rashford for England 2021?

Jack Grealish will take the No 7 shirt, which suggests the Aston Villa playmaker could have a key part to play this summer, while experienced forwards Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford take the No 10 and 11 shirts respectively.

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