Is ielts general accepted in UK universities?

Is IELTS general accepted in UK?

IELTS Academic, IELTS General Training and IELTS Life Skills are accepted by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) as proof of English proficiency for those wishing to live, work and study in the UK.

Is IELTS general accepted in universities?

IELTS General Training – accepted at high-schools and for visa and employment purposes. … Although the IELTS certificate is slightly more popular in Europe than in the U.S., both the Academic and General Training versions are accepted by over 3,300 American universities and other institutions.

Which type of IELTS is required for UK universities?


For UK visa applications (both IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic), it is important to take your IELTS at a UKVI approved IELTS test centre. This means that in order to acquire a student visa, IELTS for UKVI is mandatory.

Is General IELTS valid for student visa in UK?

IELTS for a Tier 4 Student Visa

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All British universities and colleges accept IELTS results. Tier 4 Student Visa applicants can apply to the UK universities listed here with an IELTS result from more than 1,200 IELTS test locations worldwide.

What is the minimum IELTS score for UK?

QS World University Rankings in 2019

World rank Name of institution IELTS minimum requirement (undergraduate programmes)
6 University of Cambridge 7.0
8 Imperial College London 7.0
10 University College London 6.5
18 The University of Edinburgh 6.5

Is 5.5 bands eligible for UK?

On average we can expect a minimum band 5.5 for UK courses, with band 6.5+ for the top few universities. Please note that different courses at a same university can have different IELTS requirement, so check with the institution for more details.

Is academic IELTS easier than general?

The IELTS academic version assesses a student’s readiness for academic studying or training in English. The IELTS general training is taken if you are migrating to an English speaking country, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand or UK. The Academic version of IELTS is harder than General training.

Which IELTS should I take academic or general?

If you want to move to an English-speaking country to study, then you should take the IELTS Academic test. For work or immigration, the IELTS General Training test is recommended.

Which countries need IELTS for nurses?

Who needs IELTS?

Country Nursing Body IELTS scores
USA Registered Nursing Board of a specific state Overall Band 6.5 (7.0 in Speaking)
AUSTRALIA Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Overall Band 7 (minimum of 7 in all 4 tests)
NEW ZEALAND Nursing Council of New Zealand Overall Band 7 (minimum of 7 in all 4 tests)
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Is 7.5 A good IELTS score for UK?

It would be wise to note that these are indeed the minimum requirements for program entry, so in order to have an application with a competitive edge, you would be looking at a score of 7.5 or above.

Is IELTS required for UK 2020?

If you have made up your mind to study in a British university you must know that you need to show excellent skills in the English language. The IELTS is the standard test a student whose mother tongue is not English is required to take in order to show his proficiency in English. …

Can I get PR in UK after study?

To get PR in the UK, one needs to demonstrate stable income along with a full-time job and good moral conduct. … Upon finishing their studies, they should get a full-time job. After 5 years of working, one can apply for the ‘indefinite leave to remain’ ILR Visa which gives them the ‘permanent resident’ status.

Is the UK issuing student visas?

The Student Route falls under the UK’s new points-based immigration system. Visas that have been issued through the Tier 4 Route are still valid, and those eligible will be able to apply for the Graduate Route when it opens in summer 2021. … You can apply for a student visa up to six months before your course starts.

Is IELTS required for UK 2021?

English language proficiency is a requirement for university admission, and universities will require other English test scores (such as IELTS Academic, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic).

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