What is a livable wage in Ireland?

How much do you need to earn to live in Ireland?

According to the Irish Times, new research to be published this morning will indicate that a person needs to be earning a minimum of €11.50 an hour to be able to afford an acceptable standard of living, an increase of five cents on the figure from last year.

What is a good salary in Ireland 2020?

The latest figures show average annual earnings rose 3.6 per cent to €40,283 in 2019. Within this average annual earnings for full-time employees was €48,946 (up 2.8 per cent on 2018), while the average for part-time employees was €18,305 (an increase of 3.7 per cent).

What is the average salary in Ireland?

Average Salary and Wage in Ireland

The average annual earnings for employees in Ireland is €40,283 per year or €3,356 per month (gross salary). The average weekly earnings is €812,94, according to the latest Earnings and Labour Costs figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Do you pay tax on minimum wage in Ireland?

Find out about your rights here. Under the National Minimum Wage Act 2000, most employees are entitled to a minimum wage. … Tax on income you earn from employment is deducted directly from your salary (pay).

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Is 60k a good salary in Ireland?

On average individuals in the Republic of Ireland have an annual gross income of €26,800. … The top 10% of individuals in the income distribution have an income of more than €60,000 per annum. The top 5% of individuals in the income distribution have an income of more than €78,000 per annum.

What is considered low income in Ireland?

Households in the lowest income decile (i.e. those with a gross weekly income less than or equal to €252.21) had an average weekly disposable income of €197.40 compared with €2,229.05 for those in the highest income decile (i.e. those with a gross weekly income greater than €2,163.17).

Is 70000 a good salary in Ireland?

The threshold for the top 10% of earners in Ireland starts at gross personal earnings of just under €70,000. Just under three in 10 of the top 10% of earners in Ireland said they had difficulty making ends meet, according to a new study. … Average gross personal earnings in Ireland are a little over €36,000.

What is considered rich in Ireland?

Households with a wealth value greater than €827,000 belong to the wealthiest 10% of all households (the top net wealth decile).


Median Net Wealth Median Gross Wealth
3 or more adults 263.1 303.9
Other households with children aged under 18 255.2 342.2
1 adult aged 65+ 200.7 200.8

Why are salaries so low in Ireland?

The fact is that Ireland is low-waged economy, and compared to our peer group in Europe Irish wages fall well below average. … Ireland suffers from a very low ‘social wage’ (employers’ social insurance), and this explains the high cost of public services and low in-work supports for Irish employees.

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