What were the 4 main battles of the English Civil War?

What were the major events in the English Civil War?

English Civil War Timeline

13th June 1625 King Charles Marries
20 Sept 1643 First Battle of Newbury
June 1644 Battle of Marston Moor
27 October 1644 Second Battle of Newbury
14th June 1645 Battle of Naseby

Why did the royalists lose the English Civil War?

It is partly due to the weak leadership of Charles and those in the Royalist army but at the same time the strength of Parliament and there leadership skills are the other side of it. Combined they played a big part in Charles downfall. Division within the Royalist ranks over the ultimate objectives of fighting.

Who attacked first in the English Civil War?

The Royalists were the first to charge and for some reason there was no Parliamentarian counter-charge. After two more charges the Parliamentary cavalry had fled. Waller then turned his attention to the Parliamentary infantry. However, they stood firm until a force led by Hopton attacked them from behind.

What were the 3 main battles in the English Civil War?

The English Civil War is remembered most for three major battles – the Battle of Edgehill, the Battle of Marston Moor and the Battle of Naseby.

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