Which ruler built a 73 mile defensive wall between England and Scotland?

Did the Romans use slaves to build Hadrians wall?

No, the Wall was built by the skilled Roman legionary masons, with thousands of auxiliary soldiers providing the labour and bringing the vital building supplies to the construction areas.

Why was the Antonine Wall abandoned?

Why was the Antonine Wall abandoned in favour of the Hadrian’s Wall? The Antonine Wall seems militarily more defensible than Hadrian’s Wall, being of shorter length, so more men could be concentrated in a shorter stretch, or less men for the same concentration.

Who attacked Hadrians wall?

By 306 AD the Emperor Constantius Chlorus was forced to subdue his northern frontier in the face of Pictish attacks on Hadrian’s Wall. However, the tide was slowly turning against the Roman Empire. As Rome weakened the Picts became bolder.

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