Why are the 4 British values important?

Why are British values important?

We see British Values as underpinning what it is to be a citizen in a modern and diverse Britain. They allow us to create environments free from discrimination, intolerance and hate. They help us to challenge prejudice and stereotyping, whilst strengthening relationships within the community.

How important are British values to democracy?

enable students to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law of Britain. … encourage respect for other people. encourage respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic processes, including respect for the basis on which the law is made and applied in Britain.

What are the British values and what do they mean?

British Values is a government initiative to teach students the values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance.

What are the key British values?

These 4 fundamental British values are:

  • Democracy.
  • Rule of Law.
  • Respect & Tolerance.
  • Individual Liberty.

How do we promote British values?

Mutual respect and tolerance

  1. Encourage and explain to children about the importance of tolerant behaviours, such as sharing and respecting each other’s opinions.
  2. Promote diverse attitudes and challenge stereotypes, for example, by sharing stories that reflect and value the diversity of children’s experiences.
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What are the five British values?

The five British Values are:

  • Democracy.
  • The rule of law.
  • Individual liberty.
  • Mutual respect.
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

What are British values according to Ofsted?

According to Ofsted, ‘fundamental British values’ are: democracy. the rule of law. individual liberty.

What are British values in the workplace?

The four Fundamental British Values are listed as: democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect.

What is prevent and British values?

British values are defined as democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. The Prevent duty also reminds providers of the need to promote the Equality duty to learners.

What is mutual respect British values?

Mutual respect is understanding that we all don’t share the same beliefs and values. Respecting the values, ideas and beliefs of others whilst not imposing our own on others. … Mutual respect is defined as a proper regard for the dignity of a person or position.

How do you promote British values in your classroom?

use opportunities such as general or local elections to hold mock elections to promote fundamental British values and provide pupils with the opportunity to learn how to argue and defend points of views. use teaching resources from a wide variety of sources to help pupils understand a rang of faiths.