Why did they build the London Underground?

Why does South London have no underground?

When the first private tube companies began operating after 1863, they focused on north London, where there was more opportunity. … So the lack of south London tube stations came about because, once upon a time, that side of the river was actually better connected. Just remember that next time your train gets delayed.

What is the biggest underground system in the world?

World’s Largest Subway Systems

City Date system opened Length (km)
New York City 1904 337
Mexico City 1969 226
Hong Kong 1979 174
Paris 1900 218

Does the tube make a profit?

‘We reinvest all our income in running and improving transport in London. ‘ He adds that for every pound the Underground receives, 68p is spent on the everyday running costs of the network (staff costs, electricity, cleaning up sick and so on). … So, yes, the tube makes money – but not a profit.

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