Why is New UK passport black?

What are the colors of passports?

All passports are one of four sombre shades—red, blue, black or green. And while there are variations (for example, Switzerland’s is scarlet and Canada uses white for temporary travel documents), there are no other colors despite there being no legal requirement for picking one of these four.

Can I still use my red passport after Brexit?

Passports are now only valid for 10 years exactly – additional months on anyone’s red passports (passports issued before the UK left the EU ) are no longer valid.

Will British passports be valid after Brexit?

What has changed since Brexit? Before Brexit, British citizens could travel to any nation in the EU, up to and including the expiry date on their passport. Since Brexit day on 31 December 2020, British citizens are treated the same as any other “third country nationals”.

Do I have to get a new British passport after Brexit?

Will my UK passport be valid after Brexit? The old British passport that is still burgundy in colour and has “European Union” written on it will remain valid until the expiration date noted in the passport. Therefore, there is no need to renew your British passport simply because of Brexit.

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Does having a British passport make you a British citizen?

Having a British passport doesn’t mean you’re a citizen either. British citizens, overseas territories citizens, overseas citizens, subjects, nationals (overseas) and protected persons can all apply for a passport.

Do I need to get a new British passport?

You’ll need to renew your passport before travelling if you do not have enough time left on your passport. If you renewed a 10-year adult passport before it expired, extra months may have been added to your new document’s expiry date, making it valid for more than 10 years.

How much does a UK passport cost?

Passport fees

Apply online Apply by paper form
Adult (16 and over) standard 34-page passport £75.50 £85
Adult (16 and over) 50-page frequent traveller passport £85.50 £95
Child (under 16) standard 34-page passport £49 £58.50
Child (under 16) 50-page frequent traveller passport £59 £68.50