Save Our Bank!

United Bank / People’s United Bank in Huntington, MA has announced that it will be closing early next year. This would be a huge blow to small businesses, families, senior, and community organizations in the area. The Huntington branch is currently the only bank branch in the Southern Hilltowns, serving a population of rural community members that would otherwise have to drive half an hour to the next nearest banking services.

Our local small businesses benefit from the direct support and personal guidance from United Bank personnel and resources, which contributes greatly to the economic growth potential of the area, working hard to get on its feet with support from the state and creative problem-solving of community leaders.

In the modern era, many bank transactions have indeed moved online or to mobile, but in many of these towns, internet access is still coming online and many seniors and working families still have regular in-person banking needs. The geographical distance to these necessary services gets even more difficult during inclement weather, which can be particularly hazardous for our large population of senior citizens, many of whom prefer not to drive at night or during rain & snow.

This area has made such great strides pulling itself up by its bootstraps over the last few years, adapting to new economic and social challenges, updating broadband access and planning bylaws to welcome new families and businesses, and working closely with regional and state organizations to move forward with strategic, community-centered economic development. Losing our only bank branch would be a step backward.

Our community needs a bank, not just for Huntington, but for all the surrounding towns and residents that depend on it. We are advocating for the existing United Bank to remain open, or to help facilitate another local/regional bank brand to take over the branch location. If you support this effort, or have additional thoughts or ideas to share, please feel free to send us an email at or visit our Facebook page.

You can sign up here to receive updates on #$aveOurBank via email.

We’ll be sending out updates for future action steps and ways to help make sure our voices are heard. If you’d like to start by writing to People’s United Bank via their online form to express your desire that they maintain the Huntington branch, you can find that form here. Thank you for your support!

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